Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Honeymoon's Over (Upon My 5th Wedding Anniversary)

The Honeymoon's Over (Upon My 5th Wedding Anniversary)

Ella emerged from my closet one morning with her soggy diaper around her ankles wearing one of Steve's flip flops and one of my slippers.
"I'm married," she announced.
"Married? To whom?" I inquired. I didn't remember her getting married. I must have been drunk.
"No," was her elusive reply. "Okay, I'm going to my wedding now," she threw over her shoulder as she flip flopped toward the door. "There will be lots of people there."
Lots of people? Her father and I weren't going to pay for more than 150 guests, so she'd have to uninvite some of her mere acquaintances from the park.
"What happens at a wedding?" I asked, trying to get an idea of what she had in mind.
"We take our shirts off and get married." Well, we're certainly not paying more than $20 a head for that.

Steve and I sure missed out when we got married five years ago. Taking off our shirts in our pjs with our soggy diapers around our ankles sure sounds like a lot more fun than doing the chicken dance.

A few minutes later the bride shuffled back into the room.
"Did you get married?" I asked.
"Yes, but I put my shirt back on."
Hum, at least she learned young that the honeymoon doesn't last forever.

Happy Anniversary, Baby! I love ya' more than ever.

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  2. Congrats you love birds! We were reminiscing yesterday under the fire works about your engagement 6 years ago. Just wait till you get to 7-Now that's hot!!

  3. Too bad I didn't know about THOSE kind of weddings 6 yrs ago!! HAHA