Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fly, Baby Bird, Fly!

Today is Ella's first day of preschool. Fly, baby bird, fly! And for God's sake, don't come back until lunch time.

Read Just Barely Best Friends


  1. I used the same analogy when my son started kinder. It is a beautiful thing when a mother and father can give their child the confidence to grow up.
    With a big hug and a little Kleneex I say "Nice work!!!!"

  2. You've done an excellent job Mother Bird. Five gold stars. (And I noticed that you took a picture that didn't show the Hack Job Bangs. Add five more stars for cleverness.)

  3. Sweet picture. It doesn't appear that she's being dragged off...not too hard anyway. I noticed the shovel was no where to be found. Some best friend.
    Enjoying the stories greatly.

  4. I remember my daughter's first day of preschool, some 26 years ago. She was so confident and well adjusted that preschool was just a more fun extension of home. Eager to learn and happy to teach the sibs everything that she was taught. One incident I remember well was the magazines that were passed out for an art project and my daughter spent her time clipping coupons for her mom-----you do me proud Amy. I know that Ella will (eventually) fit right in just like you did! xoxo Mom