Friday, October 26, 2007

My Cups Runneth Under

A couple of years ago a friend of mine told me she once had nice perky boobs but they disappeared after she had kids. Her two boys didn't leave her with much. Another friend, who had just finished breastfeeding her second child, likened her breasts to "golf balls in socks." It wasn't going to happen to me, I thought. I had nice boobs before I got pregnant the first time, even nicer (or at least bigger) while I was pregnant and breastfeeding my first, and they were still in pretty good shape when #1 was through with them. I bounce back from pregnancy pretty well which, in my mind, meant I wasn't going to loose my nice chest. But my friend insisted it was her second child who completely depleted her assets. But still I didn't believe her.

I stopped breastfeeding my second kid about a month ago. Sometime between then and now it happened. I don't know if I was in denial or what, but I somehow missed it. My grandmother was the first one to call my loss to my attention. "Amy," she said, "come here. Didn't you use to have really big..." she gestured to her chest region. Yes, I had. "What happened to them?" I told her when I guess they went away when I was done breastfeeding. "Will they come back again?" she asked. I told her they might come back if I get pregnant again, but that it would likely be a temporary reinflation. "They're pretty much lost to me." "Don't worry," she confided. "They'll come back again when you're old and then they'll blend in with the fat you'll get under your arms." At least I have that to look forward to. When I told my sister about our conversation, she said "Yeah, I noticed too." I must have looked dumbfounded that everyone knew but me, because she tried to recover with, "No, they look nice. I mean, before you looked like a porn star." "Just get a really good padded bra," a formerly breastfeeding friend told me (she hadn't lost hers yet). I told my husband it was probably time to switch to a smaller bra. He said, "Yeah, what were you doing still wearing your old one?" This weekend I'm going shopping for something with a little umph. Apparently these golf balls need a new bag.

Just Barely keeping them up there,

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  1. Weird that you "lost" yours...I'm still a 48B...


  2. No fair Amy, you used my words against me!! And anyway....the padded bra did give me a perk to my flattened self ;-)

  3. I stopped nursing about a week ago. I am nervous as to what their plans are for me!

  4. I'm not working with much to start with so I am greatly worried about what will happen with my flat-ish chest when I am done nursing.

  5. Mine ended up different sizes. I'm not kidding -- lefty is much bigger than righty. Very annoying.

  6. Good for you for remaining perky after numero uno - after 14 months of nursing, I look like someone who would be featured in National Geographic.