Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dark Pants, Black Shirt

I hate to wash the jeans because they fade. I guess I should save them for when the kids aren't around, but I find that to be a whopping NEVER, so I put them on. Adding the black shirt invited the inevitable. And the black Converse? Well, that's just asking for it.

Bare buns covered in Desitin sat on my lap before I could diaper them.
Sticky oatmeal hands grabbed a hold of me and wouldn't let go.
A dropped sippy cup splattered milk all over my shoes.
A child ran through the mud instead of getting in the car. I had to chase her.
The muddy heels of said child dug in when I put her on my hip to carry her back.
Muffin mix poofed out of the box that Ella, in her zeal to do "making", squeezed too hard.
The Little One spit string cheese all over me.
Hair leaped from the cat and onto me when I picked him up to get him off of the table.
And lips dotted with toothpaste gave me a kiss goodnight. On my back.

Tomorrow: Camo Pants, Gray Shirt. And by the end of the day, they'll be pristine.

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  1. TFF! I love your blogs. They make me appreciate that mine are teen-agers...Wow, and its hard to believe anyone would say that.