Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An Honest Mistake

Did anyone else go to test drive a car, reach in your wallet to get your license so the salesperson could make a copy of it, and hand him a tampon instead? No? Just me? Huh. It seems more people would make that mistake, what with a license and a tampon being practically the same thing and all.

Just Barely trying to look like I know what I'm doing when I go in there to buy a new car,


  1. Was just barely the smartest with you for this? That could only add to the fun!

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  3. No, unfortunately, he wasn't. I was there by myself trying to futilely prove that I could get just as good of a price on a car as he could (and that he is not the smartest--just barely or otherwise). As it turns out, tampons are not good leverage for negotiation.

  4. i dunno....toss enough tampons on the desk and he might give you the deal you want just to get you out of there. in fact, try asking the salesman to hold one for you -- "here, can you hold this for a sec? thanks."