Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thirty is the New Four

Last week was Ella's birthday. For months she's been planning what her life will be like when she's four. For example, when a thunderstorm drives her to our bed, she snuggles in and tells us not to worry, she won't be afraid of thunder anymore when she's four. She cried all night long on the Fourth of July, but says she'll like the fireworks next year, when she's four.

Plans Ella has vocalized for this magic year include the following:

She will be able to carry her little sister around and get her out of her crib, attempts at which have, up until now, been botched by her immature three-year-old muscles.

She will drive her sister to school in my car and help Daddy mow the lawn. She will then drive to the store and buy tomato soup, tomato sauce and milk.

She will make us all dinner and use the oven. She will add a pinch of kosher salt.

She will go on an airplane all by herself.

She plans to drink coffee and wear makeup.

She would like to be a mommy.

Tomorrow I'll leave my twenties behind and, like Ella, I have big plans for the year ahead.

I will learn how to use a semi colon properly; I will choose to keep using a dash instead.

I will fold the laundry that has been sitting in the basket in the hallway since I turned twenty-eight.

I will send both of my children to school and reclaim three childless hours a week.

I will find out exactly what a duvet cover is, and buy one.

I might even drink beer out of a bottle instead of a can.

Sometime in my thirties I will no longer have to cut up other people's food, although I will likely keep doing so out of habit.

I will buy clothes that fit and are free of pea soup stains. These clothes might even come from the front of the store and not the back corner sale rack.

I will take a nap.

Phrases such as "Do not put pasta in your eye!" and "Get back here, I'm not through wiping you yet!" will be replaced with by something having to do with art, or perhaps the economic stimulus plan.

I'm excited to turn 30--This year is the start of something big for both of us.

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  1. Happy Birthday! The twenties suck anyway if you're not into awesomeness...

  2. Come on,'re not going to drink beer out of a bottle!! Other than that you are being VERY realistic. I hope I take my 30th with as much class and style as you ;-) Happy Birthday friend

  3. You're awesome. Happy Birthday! Come to our beach house and we'll celebrate!

  4. Happy Birthday, Just Barely! Thanks for the laughs!

  5. You're going to be very busy in your 30's! I just hope you get all that you have planned accomplished before you hit your 40's and start forgetting where you put stuff. Such as, your laundry that needs folded. And, if you are lucky enough to find where you put it, is that laundry really clean? Or, perhaps you forgot to wash it in the first place-Welcome to the
    30's-it’s only the beginning!
    Happy Birthday!

  6. Amy Happy Birthday from your friends in Pittsburgh. Your thirties will be filled with new mommy banter... "you are not wearing that" ... "you are doing your homework now!"
    Deb Arrisher