Thursday, January 8, 2009


Just two of the many reasons why my children are ridiculous (today):

1. Addison insisted upon bringing a book with her to school today. The name of the book: 50 Ways to Kill a Slug. Said book had to also go with her to Wendy's, Target and Sam's Club.

2. Ella is supposed to be upstairs taking a nap. Instead she has snuck downstairs and is hiding in the playroom. Her hiding place is in the middle of a clear Rubbermaid toy box that is about 20 feet away in the playroom. Here is a picture I took from my seat at the kitchen table where I'm writing:

You have to look very closely to find her--do you see the dark area between two areas of white and blue about half way down the side of the box? That's one of her legs. She doesn't know that I know she's in there and she thinks she's getting away with something. Her situation of having to lay perfectly still while covered in toys seems like punishment enough to me. She'll probably fall asleep in there.


  1. HAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE your children ;-)

  2. Looks like a Doofball to me! I am really enjoying your creativity.:)

  3. Too funny! 50 ways to kill a slug? I may need Addison's expertise this spring in my garden! And "hiding" in the playroom? Priceless. :)

  4. Oh, I wish I could "kill" slugs in my summer garden. Ella- When you get out of the box, read that book and tell me how to get rid of those pesky critters!!!!!