Sunday, February 1, 2009

Learning to Read and Write

"Mommy, will you please help me make my bed in the morning? Because I like it to be nice and neat and not messy."
"Sure, I'll help you."
"Can we write a note? Because yesterday and the yesterday before that and the yesterday before that you said you would help me and you keep on forgetting. And my bed hasn't been made for a very long time and I don't like that."
She's right. I've never made her bed unless someone's mother is coming to visit or she asks me to, with a tear in her eye.
"Okay, let's write a note. We'll sound it out and I'll write the letters lightly and you can trace them and write me a note. P-l-e-a-s-e M-a-k-e E-l-l-a-'s B-e-d."

And so this is how we're learning to read and write in my house. By writing me notes about my housekeeping, or lack there of.