Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Running Errand"

"Running Errand"

"Whatcha doing, Ella?" I asked as she whizzed by. "I's running errand!" It appeared running laps full speed around the downstairs with a purse around her arm equaled running errands to her.

On her next lap around she grabbed my cell phone off of the table. "Okay, got to call someone while I'm at errand," she explained as she streaked around the corner. Having my cell phone hijacked was a small price to pay to keep her occupied a little while longer, so I allowed it to go along for the ride. Free of any parental responsibilities at the moment, I got up to check my email. Apparently my decision to sit at the computer wasn't part of her fantasy of errand running for, one lap later, I was emphatically told, "GET OUT OF MY ERRAND AND RUN IN YOUR OWN ERRAND, MOMMY!" Oh my, this was serious business indeed.

"Okay, I'm at errand," she told me miles later as she finally collapsed onto the floor. If only I was that enthusiastic about "running errand"--We would always have groceries and I'd be at least 10 lbs lighter.


  1. She got that from me...I always ran around the house pretending I was doing errands!!! HAHAH

    Tell Ella hello for me and that I am sad I am not as important as mommy and the Easter Bunny.


  2. A little NanaMimi. All she needs is a black Durango to go with that cell phone! ABuzz

  3. Makes you wonder what they think we do, doesn't it? My child always wants to help me with the laundry. I think she thinks it MUST be fun since Mom is doing it all the time. Then, I let her help and half way through she decides it isn't so much fun after all. :)

    I gave you another plug on the blog today. I think I'll add you to the blog roll as soon as I can get over to it.

    And, never fear, I have had the poop thing happen, too. Mom of three here. I'm an old vet at that stuff. Eww.