Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Top 10 Gross Things My Baby Did Today:

Top 10 Gross Things My Baby Did Today, all having to do with bodily functions:

10. Spit up while nursing, then kept nursing.

9. Peed while I was changing her, then rolled around in it before I could get a new
diaper on her.

8. Pooped through her diaper...

7. ...through her onesie...

6. ...through her sleeper...

5. ...and onto the carpet.

4. Stuck both of her feet and, somehow, her left arm in said escaped poop.

3. Spit up during "tummy time," then face planted in it.

2. Somehow got spit up on her eyelid (on a different occasion than the face plant).

1. Spit up on her bib then ate it. Twice.


  1. How about this one, Preston picked his nose and then walked over to Ellis' and tried to pick his nose with the same finger...

  2. Oooo, good one. You should write your own list-grossness loves company!

  3. Not that my kids don't have their moments of grossness (for example, Clara's need to be constantly scratching her ass) but most of my stories involve the P-man. Another example, for a while he was grooming things like he was a cat. It was fine when it was just him but I caught him grooming legos and then putting them back. 'Licious...