Thursday, October 16, 2008

Behold, the Youngest Speaks!

A couple of months before her first birthday Addison started sharing with us revelations such as "dog" (of which we have none), "cat," and "croc". For the next six months or so she spoke in tongues--none of them intelligible--until she turned one and a half and decided to give English a try. Addison's early words were usually warnings, but I was so enamored by the novelty of her speaking that I didn't heed them as such.

"Ear!" she would say, and while I was thinking "Awww, she said ear," she would stick her finger in my ear.

"Eye!" she would say, and then poke me in the eye.

"Pull!" and then pull Ella's hair.

"Tease!" and never failed to tease.

Over the months the youngest has become more prolific.

At times she prophasizes: "People. Eat. Crackers."

Other times Addison states the obvious: "Cow. Tail. Eyes." she says, commenting on the anatomy of the cow that resides at the Museum of Life and Science. "Eat," she updates us, as the cow does just that.

She even tells on herself: "Addie, mess," she says, taking me by the hand and leading me to whatever catastrophe she has been working on. The other day she told me, "Addie. Marker. Ear." and pointed to the rainbow colored side of her face where she had apparently been experimenting with putting markers in her ear.

My second born also shares her views on politics, adding special enlightenment to the Republican ticket. A few days after McCain announced his running mate, an issue of Newsweek with McCain-Palin on the cover showed up in my mailbox. Addison carried it around the house for days, claiming it to be a picture of "Papa" (Steve's dad) and "Mimi" (my mom). I took her spin into consideration. Martha Stewart with an NRA bumper sticker? I was going to have to sleep on that one. When Newsweek ran another issue with Palin on the cover, this time a huge close-up, Addison pointed and implored us to study "Mimi's mouf." Later that day I finally read the transcripts of her interview with Katie Couric. It looks like I am going to have to pay more attention to the she-maverick's mouth.

Addison gives me updates on my financial investments: What did you do at school today? "Poop!" What else did you do? "Snack!" What was for snack? "Cracker. Cheese." I ran the numbers. So today I spent $25 for her to go to school to poop and eat crackers? Not having to clean up either of those messes is money well spent, in my view.

After she wakes up from her nap I'm going to park Addison in front of CNN or give her an issue of the Wallstreet journal to fingerpaint on and see if the spirit moves her to site "bonds" or "mattress" as the smart place to put my money these days. I'll let you know what the oracle has to say.

Papa McCain and Nana Palin

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  1. That's fantastic! They DO look alike, especially your mom and sara palin!