Monday, January 1, 2007


March 2007
While You Were Sleeping
While You Weren't Sleeping
A Really Crappy Day: I
A Really Crappy Day: II
A Really Crappy Day: III

April 2007
Personal Port-O-Potty
Regarding the Easter Bunny
Top 10 Gross Things My Baby Did Today
Running Errand

May 2007
Parting Gift
Mother's Day
A Small Tribute to a Great Man
Tiny Pink Ella

June 2007
The Art of the Lurch
A Dose of Guilt for Dad's Special Day

Disaster and a Movie
Intruders Beware

July 2007
One Liner (or "No New Americans")
The Honeymoon's Over
When the Outside Comes In
Addie Proofing
Lost At Sea

August 2007
It's a Sign
Ella Turns Three
For Your Safety
Lend Me Your Ear
Beautiful Bed
Just Barely Best Friends
Hack Job
Fly, Baby Bird, Fly!

September 2007
Redirecting The Bird
What Now?
45 Seconds
First Down

October 2007
Celebrate Banned Books Week
It Was Clean Before Dinner
Heart Attack Grass
My Cups Runneth Under
Pump Them Up!
Standing O(h)!

November 2007
My Options
Cold in the Carolinas

December 2007
Very Public Restroom

January 2008
Getting in Touch With Yourself
Ella's Take on Fruit
Breakfast in Bed
Three Hours a Week

February 2008
Speaking of Martinis
Hit the Floor! (if you can find it)

March 2008
Soooooey! Here ham, ham, ham!
Rainy Day Woman

April 2008
April Showers Bring...
Dark Pants, Black Shirt
Cured by Co-Pay
The Fourth Commandment
Sooooey! Here cutlet, cutlet, cutlet!
Quandries (The nature of Just Barely)

May 2008
An Honest Mistake
Ba Da Ching!
Going to Agumano

June 2008
Camp Sarah
Bees and Beer
Turtle Week at Camp Amy: Part I: Franklin Goes to Camp
Turtle Week at Camp Amy Continues: Part II: Franklin Leaves Camp
Turtle Week at Camp Amy: Part III: Franklin's Legacy

July 2008
Flies in the House

Just Barely Cookin'

It Was Clean Before Dinner: Skillet Shrimp Scampi with Fettuccine

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